Work in Progress: nautical baby quilt

IMG_2426 by AmandaCecc
IMG_2426, a photo by AmandaCecc on Flickr.

Lola gets jealous whenever I work on something. Right now she’s sitting on the desk, inches away from the keyboard. It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute . . .


WIP: top secret friendship quilt

In between all the blue nautical quilt brainstorming I’ve been finishing up a very special quilt for a friend who had an unfortunate event happen to her.  A bunch of us decided to work together to produce a quilt for her.  It was slow collecting up the individual blocks from everyone, and then I was on holidays/busy with life, but I recently found the time to stitch up all the blocks and now I’m onto quilting!

Here are a few shots of the quilt all jumbled on my sewing desk, in the process of quilting.  I made sure that nothing is too recognizable, in case the recipient happens upon this page.




WIP: Two Zip Hipster (cutting out the pattern)

Awhile back I made up my mind and purchased the two zip hipster pattern.  And thought about printing it out and cutting it up.  Forgot about it.  Remembered it, thought about printing it out at work, forgot about it again.  Finally remembered it while at home and finalizing my taxes, so I sent it off to my printer.  And now I’m at this stage of things:


I won’t lie: there are a lot of pieces to cut out!  In fact, I’m still working on it.  And thinking about fabric choices.  But I’ll get there, one step at a time 🙂

WIP: safari themed baby quilt

It seems like everyone I know is expecting lately.  I feel like I can’t go to a family gathering without someone making a “big announcement”.  It must be my age, or something.

I look on the bright side of things: crafting goals!  It’s tough sometimes to be creative “just for fun”, so it’s nice to have a goal within which to get things done.  Right now I’m getting started on a quilt for one of the (many) expecting mothers, with the hopes of getting this one out of the way so I’m not frantically sewing them all up at the last minute.  The parents have decided to go with a safari theme for the baby’s room.  Check out the set they picked:

I went through my stash and picked out some coordinating colours:


I’m going to use that charm pack on the right hand side to make a bunch of half square triangles.  Once they are all sewed up I will play around with design, but for now I’m digging the colours.

And in case you were wondering, yes, that’s a shovel you see in the background of the above picture.  This is what our alley looks like at the moment: