Changes ahead!

There’s a blog I have added to my google reader called My Simpler Life that is all about simplicity.  If I remember right, I first found it via Pinterest, and someone linking to the downloadable decluttering calendar (which I attempted to use, but eh, just didn’t work for me).  At the same time I snooped around the rest of the blog, and liked what I saw, so I added it to my google reader.  Ever since I get a weekly post with little prompts about how to live a simpler life. I don’t always agree with them, nor do they always apply, but often they contain nice little ideas that do apply.  The ongoing theme is “What do you want” and “How are you going to attain it?”.  We all that need that reminder from time to time.  It’s also nice to be reminded that life isn’t final.  It isn’t “I’m going to do this one thing and then I’m going to be set!”, it’s a series about small ongoing actions.

Anyhow, all that to say that one of the things I’ve thought about it why I blog. And it comes down to the fact that I like to document what I make, and share it with others.  But see I have another blog, one Dave and I started as a sort of journal of what goes on in our home. And then I started this one, because for some reason I thought that my home stuff couldn’t mix with my crafty stuff.  Dave tried to convince me otherwise, but I wouldn’t have it.  I used to like keeping things separated: my work life from my home life, my online life from my in person life, etc.  But with social media becoming more and more invasive, and with the realization that guess what?  I’m the same person at home and at work, whether I’m crafting or cooking or adventuring!  The division just doesn’t seem necessary.

So at some point in the near future I’m going to be merging the two blogs.  All my existing crafty posts are going to be heading over into Blog du Mont-Royal.  And that will be that.  Things will be a little simpler, which maybe will mean I’ll post more?  Perhaps!