WIP: nautical baby quilt


I did some rearranging in my craft area and made an impromptu design wall with a fleece blanket that I had taken camping just the night before. I can see the allure of design walls now, I think I may have to come up with a more permanent/practical solution when I have some spare time.


That baby quilt, it’s finished!

Another baby quilt!

And just in the nick of time as well, the shower was on Saturday!  I had just enough time to finish sewing on the binding Friday evening, wash and dry it Saturday morning, and sew up a matching bag to package it all up before heading over to the shower.

This was my first time trying rounded corners, and I loved it!  I make my own binding (cut on the bias), so it curved nicely around the corners.  NO MITERING!  I know, mitering isn’t THAT bad, but still, this was so easy.  And it looks cute (or at least I think so).

It was well received too.  Which is just the icing on the cake 🙂

Next up: I found out another family member is expecting a girl soon!  Exciting!  It seems in the last couple of years everyone has been having boys, and while I’m not one to push pink (I love pink, but don’t feel the need to push gender stereotypes on anyone), I think I may have to give in and go with some traditionally girly colours, just because *I* love them.  Let me go put on my thinking cap to see what I can come up with.

WIP: safari themed baby quilt

It seems like everyone I know is expecting lately.  I feel like I can’t go to a family gathering without someone making a “big announcement”.  It must be my age, or something.

I look on the bright side of things: crafting goals!  It’s tough sometimes to be creative “just for fun”, so it’s nice to have a goal within which to get things done.  Right now I’m getting started on a quilt for one of the (many) expecting mothers, with the hopes of getting this one out of the way so I’m not frantically sewing them all up at the last minute.  The parents have decided to go with a safari theme for the baby’s room.  Check out the set they picked:

I went through my stash and picked out some coordinating colours:


I’m going to use that charm pack on the right hand side to make a bunch of half square triangles.  Once they are all sewed up I will play around with design, but for now I’m digging the colours.

And in case you were wondering, yes, that’s a shovel you see in the background of the above picture.  This is what our alley looks like at the moment: