Playing around: more nautical baby quilt brainstorming

My labour day deadline is fast approaching, so I need to start making decisions.  I keep flip flopping back and forth between a classic or a freeform look for the quilt.

Classic triangles?

Modern free form waves?

Modern free form waves?

I started my shopping, as I’m committed to my beach blue colour scheme. Last Friday I biked up to Effiloché, a nearby store filled with neat fabrics (and knitting yarn as well). I browsed about and was happy to pick out a few blues. Then back at home I made an order with Sew Fresh Fabrics, one of my favorite Etsy fabric shops. Now I get to patiently wait for my package to arrive.  Or maybe not 🙂  I think I’m going to start playing around a bit in anticipation.

Blue Fat Quarters from Effiloché


Playing around: nautical baby quilt brainstorming

I’ve made quite a few greenish themed baby quilts over the last couple of years, so I’m ready for something new.  I’m thinking nautical themed.  Lots of blue and yellow and white and red.  Maybe some grey thrown in to balance things out.

I’m starting with a really neat fat quarter of fabric I bought while in Paris, at a quilting shop called Le Rouvray:

Moucheron #3 Marine

Moucheron #3 Marine

Isn’t it neat?  It’s called “moucheron”, as in “little flies”.

It reminds me a lot of the time we spend in New Brunswick visiting family.  Here are some pictures from previous trips:

Back to fabric!

I hunted around a bit on etsy and found this beautiful blue sailboat fabric:

The Fleet Navy from Seven Seas - Cloud9 Organic fabrics

The Fleet Navy from Seven Seas – Cloud9 Organic fabrics

Then I found lots more neat stuff:

Fish Scale in Tea by Alexander Henry Fabrics

Fish Scale in Tea by Alexander Henry Fabrics

Mountainz in Mint from Monsterz - Cloud9 Organic

Mountainz in Mint from Monsterz – Cloud9 Organic

Scribble in Gray from Happy Drawing - Cloud9 Organic fabrics

Scribble in Gray from Happy Drawing – Cloud9 Organic fabrics

Static in Yellow from Monsterz - Cloud9 Organic fabrics

Static in Yellow from Monsterz – Cloud9 Organic fabrics

There’s more where that came from, you can check out my nautical quilt brainstorming board over on pinterest.

Shop update: dumpling pouches


For most major gift giving occasions I always make my sister a zipper pouch of sorts.  She’s an artist so she’s always toting around supplies, so she wears out her pouches on a regular basis.  For her birthday this year I made her one of these dumpling pouches, except hers was made using scraps from my black and white and red quilt, colours that are very much her.  Of couse, I forgot to take a picture.  Instead, I made a few more, this time made using purple scraps leftover from my rainbow charm swap fabrics.

They are made using a Keyka Lou/Michelle Patterns tutorial, that can be found here.  Simple and cute, they sew up quickly.

I made a couple and listed them over on Etsy in my shop.


Playing around: learning to use a DSLR


One of the things I’ve been meaning to get around to doing is learning how to use my partner Dave’s digital SLR.  I am no stranger to SLRs, in high school I proudly toted around my mom’s film SLR and developed many rolls of black and white.  I saved up and bought myself a nice shiny new SLR . . . a few years before digital made it’s breakthrough. Now I get by using a point and shoot digital camera, and occasionally my cell phone (which if I didn’t need to pry out a memory chip the size of my pinky finger’s nail each time I wanted to upload pictures might actually get more use).


It really was not that bad, trying out a new camera.  Dave has a Nikon D40, which is a bit different than my trusty Minolta, but it is the same science, so not too big of a deal.  Actually, it was a lot of fun, being able to play around with aperture and speed and depth of field.  I still have a lot to learn and refine, but I’m hoping to make good use of this camera to take pictures of listings my Etsy shop.  Speaking of my Etsy shop, I finally got around to listing a few new old to me but perhaps new to you items, so go take a peak!


Lola thought it was a lot of fun too.  She normally detests having her picture taken.  Usually, if I so much as show her the point and shoot, she scurries away and out of the picture, or does her best to not look at the camera.  This time instead, she was all “me me me!!!”


A little bit of background

Way back when I started an Etsy shop (Etsy tells me June 23, 2005).  Etsy was brand new and I figured “Why not?”.  I was already crafting up a storm, why not get other people to buy my stuff?  So I started listing items, and got some sales.  It was fun.  But then I stopped.

I stopped mostly because I realized I wasn’t having fun anymore.  What started off as fun, selling some of the extras of items I was making anyways, turned into a full time “Can this sell?” every time I got the urge to make something.  That quickly became no fun.  I stopped making things just because I felt like it, and creating became a chore.  I also started buying too many supplies.  I had oodles and oodles of fabric and notions and ink, but I wasn’t really using it.  That too had to stop.  I moved out of my parents’ home and into an apartment, and in the process stopped having easy access to a large area in which to craft, and a big laundry sink to use to wash my screens.

But now I’m starting again.  Why?  Because there’s only so much I can create for myself and for my friends and family.  And because time has passed, and I think I can give this another shot.  Another shot at having fun.  I rearranged my apartment so I now have a crafting space, ready to go whenever the mood strikes (err, when its not covered in random junk).  I found a bag of old items, and some of them are really amazing.  I will be listing them in my Etsy shop in the coming days.

In the years that have passed I discovered something new that I love to do: quilt!  I have made quite a few baby quilts for expecting mothers in the past year or so, and I love that it combines activities I already knew how to do (sew, cut, etc), and puts them together into a neat little package.  So I look forward to incorporating new ideas into my craft.

A few of the quilts I’ve made lately:
Baby quilt for Kevin and Laura (the still shot)

Baby Quilt for Julie