Work in Progress: nautical baby quilt

IMG_2426 by AmandaCecc
IMG_2426, a photo by AmandaCecc on Flickr.

Lola gets jealous whenever I work on something. Right now she’s sitting on the desk, inches away from the keyboard. It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute . . .


WIP: nautical baby quilt


I did some rearranging in my craft area and made an impromptu design wall with a fleece blanket that I had taken camping just the night before. I can see the allure of design walls now, I think I may have to come up with a more permanent/practical solution when I have some spare time.

WIP: top secret friendship quilt

In between all the blue nautical quilt brainstorming I’ve been finishing up a very special quilt for a friend who had an unfortunate event happen to her.  A bunch of us decided to work together to produce a quilt for her.  It was slow collecting up the individual blocks from everyone, and then I was on holidays/busy with life, but I recently found the time to stitch up all the blocks and now I’m onto quilting!

Here are a few shots of the quilt all jumbled on my sewing desk, in the process of quilting.  I made sure that nothing is too recognizable, in case the recipient happens upon this page.




Vacation crafting: English paper piecing

Sewing in the hotel room in Aix en Provence

I’m slow in updating here. Combination of being on vacation and being in the middle of a major craft room overhaul. I’ve already posted about the loot that was waiting for me at home, and I’ve got lots of other stuff to share, including loot that I picked up while away, and how my two zip hipster fared after sustained use. Today however I’m going to share a project I started specifically to take on vacation with me, and I will continue to work on this summer outside on my lunch hour, and on future mini weekends away camping.

It’s no secret I enjoy paper piecing. I’ve made many hexie projects. This time I wanted to try something a little different, and stumbled upon this over on Flickr. That was it! So I grabbed a bunch of scraps left over from my red and white and black project (still in progress!), printed out the templates, and packed it all up in a little clear case.

Since I planned on taking my project on the plane with me, I made sure to organize myself so I wouldn’t need scissors. I know that according to the CATSA website my little swan scissors would be acceptable, but the idea of bringing a sharp object onto a plane just doesn’t seem safe to me, so I used a little pack of travel dental floss to cut my thread, and precut some of the fabric to size.

sewing on the plane, dental floss to the rescue!

As a bit of an aside, I’m really glad I didn’t bring them on the plane with me! While I was waiting to board the plane to come home I noticed a woman across from me pull out a craft bag very similar to mine, filled with needlepoint supplies. “wow! Another crafter!” I thought to myself. Then it started: ” How come SHE is allowed to bring her scissors on the plane and I wasn’t allowed MY pen knife!”. A man sitting nearby had had his knife confiscated by security and was quite sore about it, and passive aggressively grumped about this woman’s tiny sewing scissors for a very long time. Reinforces why I don’t bring scissors on a plane, and stick to dental floss containers!

Totally off topic, isn’t this pizza box amazing? The pizza inside was pretty good too 🙂

Isn't this box amazing?

WIP: Two Zip Hipster (cutting out the pattern)

Awhile back I made up my mind and purchased the two zip hipster pattern.  And thought about printing it out and cutting it up.  Forgot about it.  Remembered it, thought about printing it out at work, forgot about it again.  Finally remembered it while at home and finalizing my taxes, so I sent it off to my printer.  And now I’m at this stage of things:


I won’t lie: there are a lot of pieces to cut out!  In fact, I’m still working on it.  And thinking about fabric choices.  But I’ll get there, one step at a time 🙂