Inspiration: tote bags and roofs

I never know where inspiration is going to strike next, so I like to take snapshots with my iphone when I can.  I couple of neat images from the last couple of days:

Most grocery stores here in Montreal charge for plastic bags, as an incentive to get people to use reusable bags, so I have quite the collection.  The one on the left is from my most recent Ikea shopping trip and reminds me lots of my black and white and red quilt I’m working on.  It’s going to go to work to be my permanent “I have too much stuff to carry in my hands to get to my meeting” bag.  The one on the right was bought at Hema in Amsterdam, when I needed an extra bag to tote around some stuff while on vacation.  It’s a nice size, not too big, and best of all has a zipper!  I like the mutted grey and red/pink of the floral design.

At work one of my current projects is overseeing the complete replacement of a 100+ year old copper and slate roof.  I consider myself so lucky to get to go up on the scaffolding and get up close and personal with the roof on a regular basis.  Aren’t those slate tiles neat?  I especially like the scalloped edged ones.


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