Swaps: Breakfast for Dinner Rainbow Charm Swap – RECEIVED!

I was recently away for a couple of weeks (more about that another time) and upon my return I was excited to see a big envelope siting on my kitchen table waiting for me (I am very thankful for friends who are able to drop by to bring in the mail and water the plants!).

Rainbow charm swap - received!

It was my Breakfast for Dinner Rainbow Charm Swap package.  I last posted about it all the way back in March, so I’ve had time to build up the anticipation.


I’m not sure yet quite what I’m going to do with all the charms. For now I’ve been enjoying flipping through them, using them as a sort of catalogue of fabric designs out there. I don’t get to see many “in person” on a regular basis since there are not many designer fabric stores nearby to me (or at least not within my daily walk/bike trajectories, I tend not to stray too far from home on a daily basis). I generally stick with Fabricville or buying online (though this summer I should take some time to go a a few kms out of my way to explore what my city has to offer).  So I’ve been spending quality time flipping through, enjoying all the rainbow goodness.  Good picks everyone!

I particularly like this red print. Perhaps a dress?


And in case reading blogs has been getting you down because everything looks too perfect, a “behind the scenes” look at what goes on in my home. Yes, that is our little cat Lola trying to bite her way into a bag of catfood. After I shooed her off the table and resumed taking pictures, she decided it was time to grab onto my skirt with her claws and not let go. Fun times.  And yes, my home is cluttered.  Fact of life when you live in an apartment and have lots of stuff.

Behind the scenes . . . is a bad cat


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