Vacation crafting: English paper piecing

Sewing in the hotel room in Aix en Provence

I’m slow in updating here. Combination of being on vacation and being in the middle of a major craft room overhaul. I’ve already posted about the loot that was waiting for me at home, and I’ve got lots of other stuff to share, including loot that I picked up while away, and how my two zip hipster fared after sustained use. Today however I’m going to share a project I started specifically to take on vacation with me, and I will continue to work on this summer outside on my lunch hour, and on future mini weekends away camping.

It’s no secret I enjoy paper piecing. I’ve made many hexie projects. This time I wanted to try something a little different, and stumbled upon this over on Flickr. That was it! So I grabbed a bunch of scraps left over from my red and white and black project (still in progress!), printed out the templates, and packed it all up in a little clear case.

Since I planned on taking my project on the plane with me, I made sure to organize myself so I wouldn’t need scissors. I know that according to the CATSA website my little swan scissors would be acceptable, but the idea of bringing a sharp object onto a plane just doesn’t seem safe to me, so I used a little pack of travel dental floss to cut my thread, and precut some of the fabric to size.

sewing on the plane, dental floss to the rescue!

As a bit of an aside, I’m really glad I didn’t bring them on the plane with me! While I was waiting to board the plane to come home I noticed a woman across from me pull out a craft bag very similar to mine, filled with needlepoint supplies. “wow! Another crafter!” I thought to myself. Then it started: ” How come SHE is allowed to bring her scissors on the plane and I wasn’t allowed MY pen knife!”. A man sitting nearby had had his knife confiscated by security and was quite sore about it, and passive aggressively grumped about this woman’s tiny sewing scissors for a very long time. Reinforces why I don’t bring scissors on a plane, and stick to dental floss containers!

Totally off topic, isn’t this pizza box amazing? The pizza inside was pretty good too 🙂

Isn't this box amazing?


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