A little something I whipped up: ereader case for Dave

Kobo case for Dave

A little while ago Dave bought himself a Kobo ereader.  So far he loves it!  But he found that leaving it around the apartment it would get covered in cat hair (we’ve got two furry black cats, and their fur shows up EVERYWHERE).  So he mentioned he was thinking of getting himself a case, and I mentioned I could make him one, and well, the rest is history.

Or not.  I actually researched and researched and researched.  I looked at cases for sale on Etsy.  Read through multiple tutorials on blogs.  Fished through my stash to see what inspired me.  I finally settled on something along the lines of the tutorial posted over on Little Birdie Secrets, which basically amounts to an ereader shaped zipper pouch.  I thought to myself: “Great!  I already know how to make one of those!” and didn’t really read through the tutorial, instead getting inspired by the finished product pictures.

I probably should have read the tutorial, because the finished product, while cute, didn’t work too well.  The ereader had a tough time slipping through the zippered opening, because I made it too narrow.  And I used a chunky metal zipper, which proved to be a bit sharp on the fingers.  So back to the drawing board I went.

Dave insisted though that he liked the design of the ill fitting case.  I had embroidered his initials and done a patchwork mix of a few fabrics.  So I got to work ripping out the zipper (easier said than done!), made up a flap and sewed in some velcro, and tada! The kobo now slides in and out really easily, and the velcro keeps it firmly shut and protected.  Best of all, it didn’t cost me anything other than my time, as it was all materials I had on hand.

Inside of Kobo case for Dave


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