Gathering ideas: shoulder bags

I am in need of “another shoulder bag”.  I like to keep my work and home life somewhat separate, at least when it comes to physical stuff, like the oodles of work keys I carry around on a daily basis and my black notebook.  It’s so much easier for me to keep my life organized when I have a “work bag” and a “home bag”, so that when I go out in the evening to run evenings I can simply take out my wallet, cell phone and home keys and stick them in another bag, and not be weighed down by all my work stuff.

Right now I’m rocking a super utilitarian Small Carry All Shoulder Bag from Mountain Equipment Coop.  It does the job.  It’s roomy enough to fit my big black hardcover notebook in the back pocket, my keys, wallet and multiple cellphones in the front pockets, and even my lunch inside the big compartment.  I don’t really need a high fashion bag when at work, since I spend a lot of time on construction sites.

For the last few years I’ve been working my way through a few H&M shoulder bags.  Upside: cheap and I can usually find one the size and shape I’m looking for.  Downside: cheap, and normally break apart after a year of use.

I’m thinking I may just have to try my hand at making my own bag, and I’ve got my sights set on making the Two Zip Hipster from Dog Under My Desk.  It first caught my attention when How About Orange posted a pattern review, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.  But what to make it out of?  Hmm, time will tell . . .


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