Playing around: Tube Quilting


I have been taking the little bit of downtime I have over the holidays to play around with some quilting ideas.  I have a few close family members with babies on the way in the spring, so I am taking advantage of not having to produce any baby quilts for a little while to play around with new ideas.

Tube quilting is a great way to produce lots of blocks fairly quickly using jelly roll strips (2.5″x~45″).  I really like using precuts like jelly rolls and charm squares, because I do not like cutting fabric, so the less cutting, the better!

Here is a link to a great tutorial from Ginger Quilts that explains the concept really clearly, and best of all, is not in video format!  Is it just me, or do other people dislike watching video tutorials?  I can see their usefulness for complicated concepts and for people who prefer to learn that way, but for me I much prefer a nice typed out explanation with pictures or illustrations.  I can slowly work my way down the page figuring out each step as I go.

Here are some of the different arrangements I came up with using the resulting blocks:






As you can see, I like drawing out my patterns to get a feel for how they work together (it’s the Engineer in me):




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