Playing around: learning to use a DSLR


One of the things I’ve been meaning to get around to doing is learning how to use my partner Dave’s digital SLR.  I am no stranger to SLRs, in high school I proudly toted around my mom’s film SLR and developed many rolls of black and white.  I saved up and bought myself a nice shiny new SLR . . . a few years before digital made it’s breakthrough. Now I get by using a point and shoot digital camera, and occasionally my cell phone (which if I didn’t need to pry out a memory chip the size of my pinky finger’s nail each time I wanted to upload pictures might actually get more use).


It really was not that bad, trying out a new camera.  Dave has a Nikon D40, which is a bit different than my trusty Minolta, but it is the same science, so not too big of a deal.  Actually, it was a lot of fun, being able to play around with aperture and speed and depth of field.  I still have a lot to learn and refine, but I’m hoping to make good use of this camera to take pictures of listings my Etsy shop.  Speaking of my Etsy shop, I finally got around to listing a few new old to me but perhaps new to you items, so go take a peak!


Lola thought it was a lot of fun too.  She normally detests having her picture taken.  Usually, if I so much as show her the point and shoot, she scurries away and out of the picture, or does her best to not look at the camera.  This time instead, she was all “me me me!!!”



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